What types of Chinese plug are there?

The 3 pin Chinese plug is rated at 10 amps and has live and neutral pins in a V, similar to the Australian type. An identical but 16 Amp rated plug also exists. There is a 2 pin plug with flat parallel pins, similar to USA; another 2 pin plug has round pins, like the Europlug. Neither will fit into a 3 pin socket, and we would recommend using the earthed 3 pin type. Hong Kong still mainly uses the UK BS1363 plug.

What approvals does a Chinese plug or powercord have?

Chinese plugs are made to the GB2099 and GB1002 standards, and are approved with a CCC (China Compulsory Certificate) mark.

Where is the Chinese plug used?

The Chinese plug is only used in mainland China, People’s Republic of China (PRC). Taiwan (Republic of China or ROC) uses North American type plugs and sockets for both 2 and 3 pin. The 10 Amp Chinese plug is very similar to the 10 Amp Australian, but all three pins are thinner, 1mm longer and the live and neutral not part-insulated. The Argentinian plug is also near-identical, but has reversed polarity (inverted live and neutral).

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Ref: Chinese

Type: CCC GB2099 / GB1002
Current Rating: 6-10A
Voltage Rating: 250V
Class: I+II


2 x 0.75 mm˛
2 x 0.75 mm˛
3 x 0.75, 1.00, 1.50 mm˛


Re-wireable Chinese



Ref: 857

Type: CCC GB2099 / GB1002
Current rating: 10A
Voltage rating: 250V
Black, Clear  Full Chinese approvals 

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