Product versatility

Variations: we can change every variable on a basic mainslead, e.g. different length, different colour, different end connectors.

Non-standard: we can supply outside usual requirements, such as C14-C7, C14-C19 leads, IEC60309 ‘Commando’ plug leads, testing leads and many more.

Hospital grade: hospital grade plugs and leads are available for North America (USA/Canada), Denmark, Australia & Japan.

Cabling: cables can be coiled on request, and we also supply rubber, Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LS0H) and heat-resistant in addition to standard PVC.

USA: we can supply almost all USA NEMA plug and socket variations, e.g. NEMA 5-20, NEMA 6-15 etc, along with the twist-lock versions NEMA L5-30...

Cable processing: we can alter any lead to your requirements, eg: fuse-changing; cable cutting; cable stripping; grommets and strain reliefs; terminals (ring, bootlace etc); rewireables.

Packaging versatility

Product: we offer a full range of bespoke packing solutions.  These include individually hanking, bagging and labelling leads.

Carton: we can break box quantities, and also pack different items in different boxes.

Pallet: orders can be palletised, weight-limited, or packed on pallets of specific dimensions.

Customer service versatility

Stock holding: we can store stock for customers, and offer call-off orders.

Shipping: we offer international shipping, and can ship direct to end users.  All stock items are shipped by next day service.

Drawings: we can manufacture to customer drawings on request.

MOQs: no Minimum Order Value, and no Minimum Order Quantity on stock items.  

Quality: all products are nationally and internationally approved.  Approval certificates and drawings are available on request.  Relevant products are RoHS, REACH and WEEE compliant.

Technical support: full pre- and post-sale technical help available.

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